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Materials with unique integrated properties stimulate the recent development of the electronic, photonic and spintronic devices and have been attracting growing attention. This symposium focuses on current hot topics of such organic, inorganic, and organic-inorganic hybrid materials and devices based on Supramolecular Sciences. A wide range of compounds from small conjugated/aromatic molecules and metal complexes to nano- and mesoscopic materials will be covered.


  • 5.Dec.2016 Banquet will be held at PAL Narashino campus on Dec. 10. 17:20-
  • 5.Dec.2016 Welcome party will be held at PAL Narashino campus on Dec. 9. 18:00-
  • 5.Dec.2016 Program and Abstract book is available here
  • 5.Dec.2016 Program is updated
  • 24.Oct.2016 Homepage open

Registration and Abstract

Deadline of registration and abstract submission is 25. Nov. 2016. (Registration page)
Abstract template file (template.doc, A4, 1 page) is avilable here. Please convert to PDF file when you submit.

Registration Fee: Free

Speakers and Title

Plenary Speakers (50 min. inc. discussion)

K. Kim (POSTECH, S. Korea)
R. Kato (RIKEN)

Invited Speakers (30 min. inc. discussion)

J. A. Rodriguez-Velamazan (Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France) "New molecular materials studied by neutron scattering"
K. Maryunina (Hiroshima Univ.) "Pressure/Temperature Induced Spin-Crossover-like Phenomenon in Cu(II)-Nitroxides Complexes"
M. Mizuguchi (Tohoku university)
T. Naito (Ehime University)
T. Mochida (Kobe University) "Ionic liquids from metal complexes: physical properties and chemical reactivities"
K. Suenaga (AIST)
T. Ishida (Univ. of Electro-Communications) "Structural and Magnetic Diversity of Lanthanoid-Nitroxide Coordination Compounds"
H. Yoshikawa (Kwansei Gakuin Univ.) "Solid-state Electrochemistry of Coordination Compounds"
A. Shvartsburg (Wichita State Univ. USA)
M. Nakamura (Toho University) "New Insight into the Electronic and Magnetic Structure of Iron Porphyrin Complexes"

Invited Poster Presenter

K.-M. Park (Gyeongsang National Univ. S. Korea)
E. Lee (Gyeongsang National Univ. S. Korea)
H. Ju (Gyeongsang National Univ. S. Korea)

Contributed Speakers (20 min. inc. discussion)

J. Ohe (Toho Univ.)
E. Wada (Toho Univ.)
T. Sugai (Toho Univ.)
M. Hasegawa (Toho Univ.)

Conference Chair

Y. Habata (Toho Univ.)
T. Kawarabayashi (Toho Univ.)
Research Center for Materials with Integrated Properties, Toho University